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Blonde Long Hair Pure White Silicone Adult Doll – Ivana 158cm

$2,699.00 $1,599.00

Life Size Sex Dolls facilitate skype or phone sex. People in long distance relationships use these sex toys to satisfy their sexual desires.

Product Description



Sex dolls add immense excitement to your sex life. Whether you chose to use them with another person or alone, they will always fulfill all your sexual fantasies, needs and wants. If you want to take your sexual experience to a whole new level, get a TPE love sex doll and rest assured of nights you won’t want to end.

Her tender skin like material is entirely at your disposal, for amazing pleasure at any time. Interestingly, she never makes demands or gets tired. Slam into her round, juicy butt and grab her M-cupped breasts and hips.

Her 3D design allows you to put her in different positions and flip her over, so you can have it your way. Further, her ass and vagina have a unique touch to replicate the actual feel of real anal and vaginal penetration. Buy a TPE love sex doll today and enjoy the most lifelike experience whenever she’s around you.

Up chest circumference: 63CM
Bust: 60CM
Waist: 52.5CM
Hip: 78CM
Leg length: 92CM
Thigh circumference: 41CM
Calf circumference: 26CM
Ankle circumference: 20CM
Wrist circumference: 12CM
Upper arm circumference: 19CM
Leg length: 78CM
Hand length: 63CM
Shoulder Width: 33CM
Foot length: 20.5CM
Body height: (no head) 141CM
(Including head) 158CM



1 Flavor:
TPE’s material has a little taste, and when they have just done it, like the new home decoration and new furniture, to ventilation to put some time in the air, the smell of allergies, you can use perfume to temporarily cover the taste of TPE

2 Mobile joints:
Life Size Sex Doll is a metal skeleton, the factory skeleton is new, the fixed position is hard, because the essence of TPE colloid is to be out of oil, with the use and placement time, the amount of oil will penetrate the bone, joint activities will be flexible.

3 Wipe three nursing:
Life Size Sex Doll usually daub talcum powder and feel as long as nursing points, Not only to protect the material is not out of oil, and can prevent dust, increase the service life, usually clean with warm water, normally clean once in 20 days, With ordinary household bath liquid can be, if the Life Size Sex Doll is dirty, with olive oil and a small cotton swab can. Clean the sex dolls with a normal person’s vaginal cleaning fluid, and need to dry after cleaning.

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