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Life Size Sex Dolls Reach the New Level – Realistic Feeling Skin Dolls

In Japan, the rising popularity of the girl dolls pushes the major toy companies to form new types of these dolls. Japanese major toy companies improves the Life Size Sex Dolls industry and moves it into a newer and higher level. They are continuously creating realistic sex dolls.
Fantasy dolls or dame de voyage in French were originated in 17th Century.
The love shown for dolls can be seen in their movies, comics and games. With adorable character animes. These imaginary characters are now turned into humans.
Imaginations made real, this time with these newly invented human like girl dolls. They are stunning, gorgeous, sexy presented in different looks, colors, and styles depending on the customer’s choice.
The Life Size Sex Dolls are sold under the name “Dutch Wives”, a Japanese term for sex dolls. They also call them as “love dolls”. This is the descendant of “dakimakura” or their inflatable love pillows. But now, manufacturers produce non inflatable dolls and sold them in different forms and are now massively available in many online marketplaces.
Disturbingly lifelike sex dolls. They are made up of High-quality Silicone that gives an authentic feel. A feel that is the same as how a human skin feel. The next level of Life Size Sex Dolls include eyes look that are almost humans’. Eyes that are full of passion and desire.

Customers who have bought and tested these human like dolls claimed that after seeing these realistic sex dolls, they never wanted a real human girlfriend again.
Male lifelike dolls are also available online. They are designed to take the solo performance to a whole new level. The replicas have a flexible spine which allow a wide range of motion as well as the hips to turn side by side and forward and backward too. The replicas come in all desired shapes and sizes to satisfy a woman’s own preferences.
With the new innovations, Ruby, Ivy, Casey, Crystal and Ken were created. These newly innovated dolls will create the best possible experiences for the customers in this era.

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